Medical SPAs

A medical spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of medical doctor.

Rehabilitation therapy as an independent type of therapy has gained more and more importance nowadays both as an after-treatment of different diseases and traumas, as well as a method for preventing more serious illnesses. Rehabilitation therapy removes tiredness and pain, restores the strength and offers effective help together with efficient medicines. For several particular problems the medicines are not the best solution. Naturally the rehabilitation therapy provides an opportunity to escape the problems of everyday life and offers a change of environment.

Most spas in the Baltics offer both facilities – medical and rehabilitation treatment and wellness.

- SPA- Baltic Beach (Jurmala)2- Tallinn soolakamber Pirita hotellis- SPA Vilnius SANA

Toila Spa Hotel (North Estonia)

Toila SPA hotel is located high up on the seashore in the near vicinity of the well-known Toila-Oru Park. Toila spa is the biggest medical spa in Estonia offering different treatments and physiotherapies for chronical illnesses. Also different medical research and analyse facilities are available as well as doctors consultations.

First of its kind... Toila Termid- source for health and contentment
Thermae were the public bathhouses of Ancient Rome. Toila bathhouses offer salt sauna, infrared sauna, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, aromatic sauna, Jacuzzi, underwater massage, waterfalls, and a rest area with a sea view


SPA Estonia  (Pärnu, West Estonia)

Today SPA Estonia has become one of Estonia's biggest health centre with 500 bed hotel.

Salt therapy, cold therapy, water therapy, relaxing treatment, paraffin treatment, dental treatment, capsule of energy. They offer also outpatients treatment. New swimming pool and sauna complex with 3 swimming pools, 3 steam saunas, a salt sauna with a Japanese pool, a Finnish sauna, Vichy showers, 2 massage baths, Kneipp treatment and a hot/cold water walking track channel


Värska Sanatorium (South Estonia)

Värska Resort offers treatments with therapeutical mud from the fresh water of the lake Lämmijärv and with the famous Värska mineral water which is scooped deep from the subsoil plots. The therapeutical mud of the Lämmijärve Lake is especially valued for its high contents of hydrogen sulphide. In addition to that the guest of the resort may also receive electrotherapy, different kinds of massages, acupuncture and laser treatment, paraffin treatment, salt treatment, physiotherapy, therapeutical gymnastics and much more healing treatments.

Värska mineral water is unique in Estonia. There are three different types of mineral water – two for drinking and one for bathing. It can be used in treatment for treatment of respiratory tract and ulcers, skin diseases and chronic inflammations.


Kubija Hotel SPA (Võru, South Estonia)

Kubija Hotel-Nature Spa, located among the pine forests and lakes of South Estonia, provides cosy and comfortable lodgings. In addition to classical wellness services, such close-to nature treatments like treatments with nettles, bilberries and peat.

In PINTMANN SLEEP CARE CENTRE they conduct sleep diagnostics, evaluate and improve the quality of sleep and offer treatment for health disorders which accompany sleep disorders and stress.


Medical SPA Egles (Druskininkai, Lithuania)

Egle is the main and largest sanatorium in Druskininkai offering over 100 different kinds of medical treatments: massages, treatments with mineral water, therapeutic and white mud, kinesitherapeutic,physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic procedures. Medical Spa Egle has its own resources of therapeutic mud and mineral water which is enriched with mineral chloride (sodium-calcium). The depth of the bores is over 300 metres; the water mineralisation is 40-45 g/l. Therapeutic peaty mud is taken from Spa Centre's own quarry.

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