ESTONIAN HOLIDAYS has twenty years of successful experience in providing tours for the cruise passengers in the port of Tallinn. Among our long-time partners are cruise lines and travel agencies like Costa Crociere, Fred. Olsen, Page & Moy, Acromas Shipping, Voyages of Discovery, MSC Crociere, NDS Voyages, Hapaq Lloyd Kreuzfahrten, Delphin Kreuzfahrten etc. In 2009 Estonian Holidays hosted ca 120 thousand cruise passengers in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia.

Besides the popular city tours we also offer many more innovative tours, special interest tours and activity tours. Tours can be combined with concerts, local food tasting or visits to parliament, art studios or local farms. There are miles of scenic bike routes in Tallinn and also tracks for hiking and rivers for canoeing are not far from the city.

Since 2006 when a new and modern cruise harbour was opened in Mustjala parish we also offer tours in Saaremaa – the biggest island in Estonia. Saaremaa is known for its extraordinary combination of unique nature and fascinating historic and architectural sights. In the villages there are still stone fences and houses with thatched roofs, beautiful national costumes and dialectal language are still used. Junipers, dolomite, windmills and the famous local home-brewed beer are considered the symbols of Saaremaa.

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