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ESTONIAN HOLIDAYS is a founding member of Estonian Convention Bureau. Our team has been trained by IAPCO.  Our main expertise as DMC is to plan and deliver creative events in Estonia for  international corporations and associations. 

Why Estonia?

New experiences, surprising visits. Do you know many people who have been to Estonia? Probably not many. What are the most interesting sights in Tallinn? „I have no idea" would be the answer in most cases. This is a good reason to come and explore.

If you're tired of the busy and stressful world you're living in today, it is time for you to take your gateway trip. Estonia is an off the beaten track destination that may surprise you in the most positive way.

History and architecture. Estonia is a small country with rich history. Being on the crossroads meant numerous conquests and occupations that have their reflections in architecture. German merchants dwellinghouses, Scandinavian seafarers churches, Livonian bishops fortresses, onion domes of Russian orthodox churches. All this and much more. Tallinn has one of the best preserved medieval Old Towns in Europe where maybe not each separate building but the whole ensemble is invaluable. Estonia has more than 500 manor houses dating back to 16th-19th centuries, about 100 of them is renovated and in use, many of them as museums or hotels and spas. Some of the possibilities:

  • Theme tours and special visits of unic places
  • Private concerts at medieval churches,activities and workshops at art galleries
  • Treasure hunts and orientation games in historic surroundings
  • Tastings of local products and cookery classes
  • Receptions and gala dinners at historic venues

Nature. A country with 1,5 million inhabitants on a territory of 45,000 km2 has lots of untouched nature to explore. There are not many capitals in Europe where after a ride of 45 minutes you find yourself in a primeval forest or marsh. Or where within 15 minutes drive from centre you can go birdwatching to a bird protection area of international importance. Bear watching and wolf tracking are also activities you can try in very few countries but available in Estonia at a distance of 2 hours drive from Tallinn. We offer:

  • Hiking trips in forests and marshes
  • Tracking and watching of wild animals
  • Orientation and military games, off-road trips and safaris with a big variety of vehicles
  • Archery and bow hunting

Sea. If you look on map of Estonia you discover it is surrounded by water from 3 sides: From North by Golf of Finland, from West by Baltic Sea and from East by Peipus Lake. Tallinn is the sea capital where you can explore the city taking a sailing trip or kayaking trip on Tallinn bay and getting to know the city from an entirely new perspective. Completeley new horizons open if you go and visit one of numerous islands near Tallinn or farther West. You can try activities like:

  • Kayaking near Tallinn
  • Baysailing with historic and new yachts
  • Sailing-trips to nearby islands with treasure hunt and nature hikes
  • Canoeing on Estonian rivers

National heritage. Did you know that Estonians are one of oldest European nationalities with more than 2000 years of history. It is a miracle for so small country and compared to the fate of many other Fenno-Ugrian nationalities. Till today there is lots of diversity reflecting itself in dialects people speak and national costumes they wear. In Estonia there are several regions like Kihnu island or Setumaa where national costumes are still worn in everyday life and traditional customs and music are very much alive. National choir music festivals in Tallinn are more popular than ever and modern and folk music blends during international folk music festival in Viljandi. We offer:

  • Handicraft workshops
  • Tasting of Estonian national food at etnograhic museum
  • Estonian national evening with demonstration of folk dances and musical instruments
  • Traditional and modern – new Estonian kitchen

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