Self-drive holidays

Self-drive holiday is a convenient way to discover the destination by yourself. Have a closer look at selected region or take a drive through the whole Baltics picking the car of your choice at Tallinn airport and leaving it at Vilnius or doing it vice versa. Discover the spots you never reach with group travel; enjoy the empty roads while crossing the unique landscapes. We help you with reserving the most suitable car, itinerary suggestions and accommodation bookings.

Some useful facts:

  • speed limit in towns and villages 50 km/h, on roads  90 km/h (up to 110 km/h in summer season), on highways (in Lithuania) 110 km/h November-March, 130 km/h April-October; 
  • allowed alcohol level in blood while driving in Estonia 0 ‰, in Latvia 0,4 ‰, in Lithuania 0,5‰;
  • most foreign driver licenses accepted;
  • reasonable petrol prices (ca 1 EUR for a litre of 95E) and short distances between the attractions make the Baltics an affordable destination for the self driving holiday; e.g. there is only 250 km from North Estonia to the Estonian southern border, distance between east border and west of mainland 300 km, distances between the capital cities are ca 300 km.
  • There are 5 international airports in Estonia (Tallinn and Tartu with year around international routes, Pärnu and Kuressaare with seasonal routes, Kärdla for private jets only), 3 in Latvia (Riga, Ventspils, and Liepaja), and 3 in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga).


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