Spa & Wellness

Spa tradition in the Baltics

Baltic countries and especially Estonia has been a popular spa and wellness holiday destination since 1920 when the therapeutic values of mud from different Estonian Spa regions were discovered.

Seaside resorts and inland spas offer a wide range of relaxation, recreational and medical procedures such as mud wraps, chocolate massages and salt treatments.

All spas offer accommodation, catering, health care procedures, saunas, training, various water activities and, naturally, luxury spa treatments. Dentists, dermatologists and rehabilitation specialists are employed at many of the spas.

Spa and wellness resorts are a fun way to make the most of your holiday in Baltics: they treat not only the body but also the soul and can be easily combined with city-breaks, active holidays, beach holidays and winter sports.

There is nothing quite as relaxing as taking a trip to the countryside, on foot, by bike or on skis, and having a hot sauna and full body massage followed by a gourmet dinner.

Taking a spa break is also fun for families with children: aqua parks or swimming pools are present in most spas and some have playgrounds and child day-care facilities too. There are special fun procedures available for kids: special pearl bubble baths, fun massages, more adventurous salt and cold chambers and more. Ask when you book.

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