Innovative shore programs


linnamüür.jpgOn these tours you are taken back in time to the 14th-16th centuries to experience the authentic atmosphere of Old Tallinn. You can climb to the top of the medieval turrets and see medieval defensive architecture built during the 14th century including embrasures, deep and narrow stairs, gun powder cellars and living quarters. You can visit the oldest apothecary shop in Europe and sample drinks mixed by clever druggists. You will meet a tower watcher, an alderman, a monk and a nun, a rich merchant and a prisoner. You can witness a sword fight and a moment of crime, you can enjoy mediaeval music and the sound of a trumpet... and meet Old Toomas, Tallinn's guard and legendary warrior.



Kangro.JPGThis tour offers you a unique opportunity to become a sculptor in a few hours. You will be taken to a very impressive scuipture studio in the middle of an old manor complex, about half an hour's drive from Tallinn. In this magnificent wooden building you can see numerous sculptures by one of the best and most versatile Estonian sculptors who will also be your supervisor.. With the help of a good model and a excellent teacher you will learn modelling and sculpturing. You may never believe that you'll be so enthusiastic about artistic work and get such a pleasure from your creation, and your own sculpture may become your most precious souvenir from your trip.



auto2.jpgExplore the nature and historic sights of Estonia in an exclusive way – travelling in a luxurious Toyota Land Cruises. Each jeep accommodates 6 people and a driver-guide. The cruise to Paldiski is a combination of sightseeing and safe off-road safari. On the way there will be stops at a fishing harbour, a limestone cliff and a picturesque waterfall. In Paldiski you will see great contrast - military objects left from the Soviet times, beautiful seaside scenery and the futuristic Paldiski Wind Park.

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