- shootingDo you want to put yourself to the test and change your daily routine?

Should you feel that everyday life doesn't provide you with sufficient amount of adrenaline? If yes then it is high time to do something thrilling!

We have a really exciting 4-course menu for you. The appetizer and main course are served in a rifle range. You are able to try out 5 different guns including a tactical shotgun, the legendary AK47 aka Kalashnikov and the most powerful handgun in the world, known as the "Elephant Killer" for dessert. The complementary dessert is served on the practice grounds of Estonian defence forces where you will be driving off-road. You are sure to find out what a jeep is really capable of when conquering all the steep hills and soft sand. After all we put you through you will definitely see yourself in a different light and realize that there really are no limits to what you can do.. How else will you understand that you are alive?!?

 - bobsleighBobsleigh and sleigh track in Sigulda, Latvia

You may combine your visit of national park of Gauja and picturesque Sigulda town with some sporting and excitement on bobsleigh track. There are very few places in the world where this is possible for the general public - one of them is in Latvia!

The Sigulda bobsleigh track was built in 1986. It was built for the needs of Soviet bobsledders and lugers. Sigulda has hosted World Cup races in the 2000s. Also, luge competitions are hosted in Sigulda each year. Track length is 1420 m. Prepare to hurtle down the bobsleigh track at over 100 km/h for a 1-minute bobsleigh ride that will simply blow you away!!

 - hot air2Hot air balloon ride in Lithuania

If you prefer your sightseeing trips to be just a little bit different, a hot air balloon flight could be just what you're looking for. Floating gently and noiselessly over countryside and towns in the oldest and perhaps most romantic form of air transport is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. And what is important to know - Vilnius is the only European capital, where air balloon flights are possible over the centre of the town. 

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