Sample program -sustainable production

Nature friendly wood processing and construction, sustainable development

Day 1

Arrival in Helsinki. Guided tour of Helsinki. Transfer to Turku, visit of Turku and lunch

Further drive to Paimio, visit of the studio of sculptor Väino Oja, subject: use of timber and ecological materials

From Paimio drive to Fiskars village. Visit of the studio of sculptor Markku Kosonen

Visit of Fiskars village

Fiskars Ironworks was founded in 1649 by Peter Thorwöste, when Queen Christina of Sweden granted the Dutch businessman a privilege to manufacture cast iron and forged products, with the exception of cannon. Through centuries the Fiskars Ironworks changed owners and their production profile always remaining in the first line of industrial development. The factory continued to work in Fiskars till 1980s when it was moved to Billnäs because the industrial operations required more up-to-date facilities.

Various development plans were created for Fiskars Village with the intention of keeping the place and its traditions alive. Under the slogan 'A Living Ironworks Village' a search for new inhabitants and operations was begun. The beautiful setting and surrounding countryside was a unique environment and the old buildings offered opportunities that appealed in particular to crafts people, designers and artists. In April 1996, the Artisans, Designers and Artists of Fiskars Co-operative was founded. Over the years its membership has increased, and today the Co-operative has more than a 100 members whose work represents most areas of the arts, crafts and design. The largest professional groups are artists, cabinetmakers, ceramicists, and industrial designers. Fiskars quickly established its position as a showcase of high-quality Finnish art and industrial design

Day 2

Departure for Savotta

Visit of Hattula log house construction facility

Savotta – Finnish traditional logging. Participation in a logging day with traditional methods followed by sauna and dinner

Overnight at Haikko manor

Day 3

Departure towards Helsinki. Ferry to Tallinn

Arrival in Tallinn. Guided tour of Tallinn, visit of the studio of designer Reet Aus, author of the brand that stands for ethical fashion, by designing and producing eco-friendly clothes and accessories. The idea behind it is to redesign used clothes and textile and turn them into luxury. Every item is handmade in Estonia and refined right down to smallest detail.

Transfer to a Green Key hotel. Presentation of Green Key label

Dinner at restaurant Aed, cuisine based on locally produced ecological products and recipes

Day 4

Visit of a local log-house production

Afternoon visit of Tallinn with special accent on local wooden architecture of 1920-30s guided by architect

Day 5


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