Examples of incentive programs and activities

Tallinn City Tour by Tram

tourbytramV.jpg Trams have been a part of Tallinn over 120 years having survived several rulers and two    world wars. During the first three decades the help of horses was needed to take people from one place to another on tram. Electrical traffic started since 1920. During today's rush-hours the tram is considered to be the fastest vehicle in the city. We invite the guests to the entertaining tour with the convenient tram-café. The tour is not taking you only through the city but also through the different historical eras. The first destination is Kadriorg district with the romantic Kadriorg Park as the highlight established by the Russian emperor and lovely wooden houses from 19th century. Then we ride through the new city and admire the views of the medieval Old Town. The final destination is maybe not the most glamorous but certainly interesting one – "a close by remote area" with many small wooden houses and old factories. Probably the last chance to glance many it's compounds before it will transform into a noble elite district as located at a beautiful seaside. 

  • The tour includes snacks and beverages, small surprises and challenges for the guests.
  • Duration: ca 40 Min + pre/post program according to the client's wishes (lunch, reception, sightseeing, site visits etc).
  • Participants: max 24.

Release Your Creativity. Art workshop in the Rotermann Quarter

RQmaalijaV.jpg  Rotermann Quarter is one of the most distinctive quarters of Tallinn, which combines an historical industrial quarter and modern award-winning architecture into delightful entity. Within this stylish architecture is a high-quality living environment. There are not only comfortable apartments and exclusive office premises here, but also top brand outlets, beauty salons, exhibitions galleries, cafes, restaurants. And from spring to autumn a genuine Estonian food market.

An union of artists has created a special open studios area in Rotermann quarter called Loovala (creation area). The concept is joint creation in united working area and crossing boundaries between different fields of art. Loovala welcomes you and offers a variation of workshops where each participant without having any artistic background may create a unique work of art. 

  • Different parallel activities, catering. Can be combined with guided tour in the quarter, lunch or dinner.
  • Duration: ca 2,5 hrs
  • Participants: max 70

Kayaking tour of Tallinn historical harbours

 - kayakingSince Middle Ages Tallinn has been one of the main harbours on the Baltic Sea. Kayak is a small and flexible rowing boat that is also usable by complete beginners.

The trip begins in the city centre close to catamaran harbor and city centre pleasure harbor. Already a few row strokes away you can admire the historic Old Town silhouette of Tallinn with its medieval spires.

The first stop of the trip is Patarei sea fortress

In 1828 Nicholas I of Russia mandated the building of the sea fortress of Patarei. Completed in 1840, it is located on area of 4 hectares (10 acres) in Tallinn city centre. Over the years it has had different functions – in 1867 functioning as barracks and since 1920 as a prison. Patarei fortress has been for long time symbol of repressions and suffering but its impressive architecture and unique location deserve a better future.

For those who want to find out how does it really feel to be a prisoner we offer an authentic prison adventure. You get the full welcome package with taking of fingerprints and photos, after that you get locked up in the cell and may taste the prison food. We may assure you that when you get out your will see your everyday life in much brighter colours....

 From Patarei fortress a few metres away is located the airplane harbour with historic submarine Lembitu and icebreaker Suur Tõll. An impressive maritime museum opens its doors in the historic airplane hangars in July.

 Next we will row towards Paljassaar peninsula and on the way get a glimpse of Peetri, Miini and Paljassaare harbours. We will board off the boat near Katariina quay where we will take a hike to Paljassaare beach and bird-watching area.

Picnic on the beach. For those wishing to learn more about nature in entertaining way is to take part in the bird rally.

Bird rally on Paljassaare beach

360_linnuralliV.jpg Fifteen minutes drive from Tallinn's city center is Paljassaare bird protection area of international importance. Paljassaare is Natura 2000 area with 221 registered species and 81 protected species. On a very small territory different habitats may be observed. You are able to see open water, reed-bed, bay and bush bird species. In Paljassaare there is good bird watching infrastructure with paths and bird towers.

The bird rally is not only bird spotting, but also entertaining competition between teams. Bird rally starts with short overview about Estonian birds. Every team will get necessary optics (binoculars and spyglass), booklet that helps to identify birds and checklist of birds. The team who spots and correctly identifies most species within time limit is the winner. Bird rally is a nature friendly and educational alternative to other forms of activities.

  • Duration: ca 2 hrs
  • Participants: max 30

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