The Baltic Sea Countries

The Baltic Sea Region is made up of nine countries and a number of metropolitan areas. The region encompasses Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (The Baltic States) Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, and the western Russia, with St Petersburg and Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania. All countries except Russia are members of the European Union.
Though the Baltic countries share a common history, they have their own unique languages and cultures. The Latvian and Lithuanian languages are some of the oldest living languages in use.

Once known as 'Amber Land', the beautiful sea shore countries which comprise the Baltic region is a great place to visit if you have a holiday in mind - be it a romantic getaway, an adventurous weekend, sandy beaches or welcoming cities. The capitals of these countries, many of which are located by the Baltic Sea and have made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List are by themselves wonderful places to visit. What's more, Baltic Sea is fast developing as a cruise travel destination.

On the UNESCO World Heritage List there are quite a number of historic centres of many cities and towns of the region, mostly with the Hanseatic past: among others Riga, Tallinn,Vilnius, Karlskrona, St. Petersburg and Warsaw. On the list, there are also sites (cathedrals, castles and palaces) in Stockholm, Kronoberg and Roskilde.
The greatness of unspoiled nature in Scandinavian and Baltic countries, the perfect sailing conditions in the Stockholm archipelago and white sand beaches of the Lithuanian and Latvian coasts make the region attractive to all tastes.

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