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Jeep Safari at the seaside:

Explore the uniqueness of Estonia with a personal Driver Guide.

We will take you to places outside Tallinn that are worth seeing because of to the beauty of the surrounding nature and interesting history or places that cannot be reached with any other vehicle

You will hear about the history, life of Estonians, art, culture, politics, economy or many other things, just feel free to ask.

For those of you who are more adventurous, we will spice up your cruise with different activites such as the tricky track drive, blindman´s-buff-drive (driving blindfolded), orientation and games.

Soviet jeep safari

At the beginning of the safari, the party will be divided into groups of four. Our experienced instructors drive the cars – this is the only way to guarantee your safety.

The vehicles used are the UAZ 3152, equivalent adversaries to the Land Rover Defender as regards passing through the terrain and the sheer pleasure of driving.

Participants in the off-road vehicle safari have shrewdly compared their experience with a "roller coaster without tracks". The forests paths of Southern Kõrvemaa include a variety of scenic routes as well as difficult terrain, and passing through these with the help of an experienced driver will refute the understanding you have had this far of the possibilities of driving. Recommended to adrenalin lovers!

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